Aloe Vera Gel for Dogs

For Dog owners and breeders alike, it can be a constant  source of frustration that even with the best nutrition and veterinary care, some dogs fail to thrive.

There can be many reasons for this - some, of course, requiring veterinary attention.  However, modern dogs, many of whom live a luxury existence often lack the 'pack environment' that stimulates their appetite - hunger, the hunt and competition for food, which can make some dogs complacent about their food and, consequently, they become fussy eaters.

Aloe Vera, which has beneficial properties that aid gut function and helps to keep a healthy digestive system, has also been found to help enhance the appetite; AloeCanine Aloe Vera Gel for dogs has been specially formulated with a natural, tasty, beef flavour, ensuring that even the fussiest dogs eat up, whereby helping them to maintain their health and condition.

Feeding AloeCanine Aloe Vera Gel for Dogs in your pet's feed will help to maintain a healthy dog 'inside and out'. It is hypoallergenic, and our customers are reporting a reduction in the smell of urine in their kennels.

AloeCanine Aloe Vera Gel for Dogs also includes Flax Seed which, in addition to the Aloe Vera, is regarded as a nutrient-rich conditioner.

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