Aloe Vera Gel for Horses

Aloe Vera Gel for Horses from Aloequine EnterprisesAloequine Aloe Vera Gel contains over 95% pure Aloe Vera juice, produced at a top-class facility in the USA. It is of a quality suitable for human consumption and contains only the inner filleted part of the leaf (including pulp), which has been stabilised using a small amount of naturally occurring ingredients.

International Aloe Science Council Seal of Approval

Our Aloe Vera Gel is certified by the International Aloe Science Council. Aloequine Aloe Vera Gel for Horses goes through rigorous testing for content and purity in order for it to be awarded their prestigious seal, ensuring consistent high standards.

Equine Aloe Vera Gel

Properties of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains over 75 naturally occurring ingredients - vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, sugars etc. Many of these seem to be effective within Aloe Vera due to the way they interact with each other. Due to the complex nature of its make-up, Aloe Vera has been found to have many properties as follows:

  • Aloe Vera is antibacterial, anti-fungal, aids digestion and gut absorption, reduces uptake of toxins in gut and facilitates absorption of vitamins C, E and B12
  • Aloe Vera contains vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, Folic acid and Niacin, together with many minerals, including potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc and iron, amongst others.
  • It contains enzymes including amylase and lipase, which help to break down fats and sugars.
  • Anthraquinones are present, which in small amounts (as found in the gel) are said to aid gut absorption.
  • Sugars (polysaccharides) within the plant, most importantly 'gluco-mannans' help absorption of nutrients.


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