Aloequine Testimonials

'We have long been believers in the benefits of Aloe Vera both for horses (and dogs) and indeed ourselves.  Aloequine is a wonderful company to deal with and it is run by people who know and understand horses.  Their service is friendly and extremely efficient'.
Rowena Cook, Equine Management and Training

'We use Aloequine on a number of horses at Kingsclere and feel that it has helped to keep them in peak condition over the very busy season'. Andrew Balding, Racehorse Trainer, Kingsclere

'I am a big fan of feeding Aloe Vera as a good all-round tonic. Aloequine, which is an excellent product, has helped many of my horses'.
James Eustace, Racehorse Trainer, Newmarket

'Since using Aloequine Aloe Vera gel I have had great results with horses that don't thrive; we feed it as a matter of course'.
Sylvester Kirk, Racehorse Trainer, Upper Lambourn

'I have found Aloequine invaluable for use in our yearlings and youngstock at times of breaking and pre-training. We also use it for the horses that are in for rehabilitation'.
Gary Witheford, Horse Behavioural Expert

'At first I fed Aloequine to a filly who was restless in the box, had very loose droppings and looked a bit dull in her coat.  After a couple of weeks, the change in her was remarkable; no more digging, normal droppings and she turned out to be the first to come into her coat!  I now maintain all of my horses on Aloequine and think that it is a great value product for your horse's wellbeing'.
Emma O'Gorman, Newmarket

'Aloequine most certainly had an excellent and beneficial effect on my sunburned horse, making her much more comfortable - cooling and moisturising the damaged area and keeping her skin soft while the new skin formed below'.
Gordon Scrimgeour, Owner

'My daughter has a lovely, willing New Forest pony, who she uses for all pony club activities. I came across Aloequine after I was recommended Aloe Vera for my pony following a nasty bite from another horse, which resulted in an infection and a course of antibiotics. However, over the following months we found our pony lacked energy and sparkle and was not her usual self; after one round of jumping, she was exhaused. After using Aloequine Aloe Vera Gel for a month, Smartie is back to her old self and has now plenty of energy again. Thank you.'
Natashia, Violet and 'Smartie'.

'My Standardbred gelding, Charlie, had been suffering from lethargy for several months without showing any signs of improvement with conventional medication. In view of this, I decided there was nothing to lose by trying Aloequine Aloe Vera Gel. Normally, a faddy feeder, Charlie found the gel highly palatable and began to show an improvement within a very short space of time. By the time he had finished a six week supply, he was back to his former, highly energetic self and has since returned to full work. A very impressive result!'.
Alison Giles, Owner.

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